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Menu Wine Breather Carafe

Wine Breather & Carafe by Menu A/S of Denmark. An ingenious 2 in 1 carafe that will decant and add air to your wine using only the force of gravity! (VIEW VIDEO BELOW TO SEE IT IN ACTION). Simply uncork your bottle of wine, flip the decanter upside down insert & press the mouth over the bottle of wine securely and turn the decanter back around. The wine will now flow through the breather located inside the neck of the decanter. When the bottle is empty simply remove and serve your decanted wine in style! Please also note that the wine can also be passed back in to the bottle, this will help avoid any unnecessary waste and spillage. Dimensions: Height 21cm, Dia: 17 cm (Glass, silicone, steel, plastic)

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MENU Wine Breather & Carafe video

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